Beijing Medical Research Institute "Kundawell"

Image Medicine Course and Hands-on Practice at Kundawell Instutute, Beijing, China (March 15-29, 2016)

The course is intended for: 
  • Healers, Qigong practitioners, bioenergy-therapists, Reiki therapists, massage therapists;
  • Instructors and practitioners of ZYQ;
  • Physicians, who are interested in innovative treatment methods and methods of Traditional Chinese medicine;
  • Image therapists, who have attended Image Medicine workshops of Master Xu Mingtang (Parts I and II).
You will get the opportunity to:
  • learn how to diagnose various diseases using Image Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques;
  • learn how to treat common diseases using Image Medicine and TCM;
  • Image therapists who completed the basic course of Image Medicine (1 or 2 month) at Kundawell Institute, and have at least one year of experience have an opportunity after they pass the exams and present their thesis (report) to qualify for the next level. For more details about the course e-mail
Dates: March 15, 2016 – March 29, 2016 
14 days. 
deadlineMarch 5, 2016.

If you are an Image Therapist joining this course to go to the next level, please email your thesis before March 1, 2016 to
Please note: there is a limited number of spaces and the course usually sells out early. To obtain the registration form, please email your request to

Course Schedule:  
1. Image Medicine
Day 1 - Introductory lecture. Practice.
Day 2 - Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Day 3 - Diseases of the digestive system.
Day 4 - Diseases of the heart and blood vessels, regeneration of blood vessels.
Day 5 - The blood disease.
Day 6 – Group tour in Beijing.
Day 7 - Diseases of reproductive system. Image Medicine treatment of infertility.
Day 8 - Diseases of nervous system, methods of regeneration of nerve tissue.
Day 9 - Allergies.
Day 10 - Tumors.
Day 11 – Diseases of respiratory system, asthma.
Day 12 – Group tour in Beijing.
Day 13 - Diagnosis and treatment. Hereditary and autoimmune diseases (Cerebral Palsy, Alalia, Muscular Atrophy, Charcot-Marie disease, Crohn's disease, Leber's syndrome).
Day 14 – Examination (theory and practice) and presentation of the thesis (report).
2. Practical training on Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Cupping in TCM
- "Guasha" method (Chinese scraper).
Cost: 10000 RMB (about $1525). Payment is accepted via credit card, bank transfer to the Kundawell Institute, or cash (USD, euro, and RMB) at the rate of exchange on the day of arrival. 
  • The price includes internet (wi-fi) from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • Accommodation and meals are not included in the price.
  • Kundawell provides help in booking "Botai" hotel (single or double room - 200 yuan per day).
Please note: Prices for accommodation can vary.
  • You can have 3 meals per day in Kundawell Institute for an additional fee of 80 yuan per day

Registration and additional information at:
Graduates of the course are issued:
  • Graduation certificate of Kundawell Institute (2 weeks practical intensive Image medicine course).
  • Researcher Certificate of Beijing and American Kundawell Research Institute.
  • Image Therapist Certificate level 5 or higher (based on certification test and course work).

During the training course all Kundawell students get 20% discount on healing sessions at all specialists of the Institute (except for the healing sessions of Professor Xu Mingtang).